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Embed rich customer insights into cross-channel content and provide holistic solutions to help retailers take control of challenges such as acquiring higher value customers, converting one-time buyers, and reducing customer attrition. By stitching together disparate customer data and leveraging AI to surface insights on each shopper, Amperity can combine this information with Movable Ink to activate personalized content in email that moves the needle on key customer KPIs. Retailers can create innovative customer-centric experiences that build meaningful relationships, accelerate growth and lifetime value.

Key Features

  • Determine which shoppers are discount sensitive, or more likely to buy full price to target personalized offers.
  • Identify when a customer will purchase next to deliver a tailored message to win them back.
  • Calculate customer affinities and group customers into personas to serve up more relevant products with recent-time pricing or inventory.
  1. Retail
  2. Customer Data