Coherent Path

Coherent Path’s predictive analytics software identifies content relevant to a customer right now, surfacing products, offers, and editorial messages across an optimal sequence of email sends. Content can be reused in an ongoing feedback loop to test and learn how valuable it is. With Coherent Path and Movable Ink, retailers can automatically create and deliver the right balance of content for each unique customer. This integration allows retailers to maximize the value from each piece of content while generating the maximum engagement over time.

Key Features

  • Automate the development of personalized emails for each unique customer.
  • Let data decide what creative to display, when to deliver the email, and how often to interact with each customer.
  • Reuse creative in multiple campaigns, testing and learning how valuable it is.
  1. Content
  2. Retail
  3. Travel
  4. Financial Services
  5. Media

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