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Easily deploy relevant fares or prices into email. Prices must be accurate at that the moment the email arrives in the inbox, as opposed to when it's sent, and there must be a data source and delivery vehicle to insert recent-time fares in email. Through an integration with EveryMundo's pricing FareWire API, Movable Ink's platform can bring recent-time pricing data into email to improve user acquisition and engagement. This translates into better, more targeted campaign performance while giving marketers the flexibility to target popular travel destinations, routes and special deals in their network.

Key Features

  • Dynamically insert prices to improve the performance of any email campaign to market select travel deals, destinations and promotions.
  • Improve distribution of price-based special offers to increase campaign click through and realized conversions.
  • No reliance on customer IT or other 3rd party pricing solutions.
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Webinar: Real-Time Pricing and Inventory Strategies

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    Movable Ink + EveryMundo Overview

    Together we make it easy for airlines to include recent time fare and flight information in their emails. Historically, it has been impossible to include this information in a way that works with the email production process, forcing marketers to use generic messaging with no assurance that the fare would be available.