Create personalized mobile campaigns with real-time, data-activated creative. Movable Ink and Iterable make it easier to deliver unique experiences at scale by automatically personalizing content at time of open across rich push, in-app, and app inbox mobile messages. Clients can generate mobile messages to preview and send in Iterable to effectively reach and connect with consumers in real-time throughout their day.

Key Features

  • Leverage data and insights from Movable Ink, Iterable, and your existing MarTech stack to create visually-compelling creative that drives increased user engagement and conversions.
  • Generate personalized email and mobile messages in real-time to ensure a consistent and compelling experience for every customer.
  • Personalize content upon engagement using context, data, and behavior.
  1. Mobile
  2. Media
  3. Retail
  4. Travel

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Webinar: Personalization with Tiff's Treats