MessageGears Engage

Build better, more interactive marketing campaigns that connect with your customers on a more personal level, by leveraging relevant internal customer and offer data quickly and easily without needing I.T. involvement. Our joint solution creates the ability for marketing teams to make full use of the internal data at their disposal, to power personalization at recent-time for data-activated images within an email, mobile message, or website. This combination makes data more readily available and creates new opportunities for tailored content.

Key Features

  • Give Movable Ink access to any internal customer or offer data that's otherwise inaccessible, to personalize messaging without needing I.T.
  • Control the freshness of your data with intra-day refreshing, and join multiple data sources together for deeper customization.
  • Receive real-time delivery reporting.
  1. Customer Data
  2. Retail
  3. Travel
  4. Media
  5. Financial Services

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Webinar: Unlock Your Data to Power Real-Time Experiences at Scale

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    Movable Ink + MessageGears Engage Overview

    Together we help marketers create personalized messages across email and mobile by leveraging any internal data available.