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Optimize subject lines, calls to action, body copy and dynamic content. Phrasee's AI-powered copywriting with Movable Ink's testing bring together advanced technologies to generate more engagement through a combination of optimized subject lines, calls to action, body copy and dynamic content. This integrated API solution empowers brands with a recipe for email marketing success by letting them connect digitally with modern consumers at scale, while offering customers a seamless experience from look to book.

Key Features

  • Optimize subject lines for more opens and email body copy for improved click rates. Verifiable results deliver provable revenue growth and ROI.
  • Easily pull in Phrasee’s AI-powered copy into Movable Ink’s creative optimizer at the click of a button to quickly get results that make you more money – fast.
  • Run a split test and get results streamed back to Phrasee’s deep learning engine for ongoing optimization and improved results, without any complex IT requirements.
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  4. Financial Services
  5. Media

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Case Studies

How Virgin Holidays Uses Phrasee and Movable Ink to Optimize and Personalize Their Email Content


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    Movable Ink + Phrasee Overview

    Together we create an easy and more efficient way for marketers to execute body copy testing within email.