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Tap into real-time mobile app behavioral data and layer in personalized product recommendations into email. Segment enables companies to build a unified customer profile by being the single point of data collection across the company's website and mobile applications.

Our joint solution allows brands to combine Segment's mobile behavioral data with Movable Ink's behavioral targeting to serve up emails with real-time personalized recommendations such as recently browsed products or abandoned cart items. This paints a more holistic picture for customers who shop on various channels, ensuring campaigns are never stale and always relevant.

Key Features

  • Personalize email content based on behavioral data, including recently viewed product campaigns that never become stale.
  • Leverage behavioral data from your mobile application in your campaigns, which is collected and sent in real-time from Segment's SDK to Movable Ink.
  • Create personalized experiences in real-time that extend beyond e-mail including web personalization, push notifications, and paid ad channels.
  1. Mobile
  2. Retail
  3. Media
  4. Financial Services

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