Present loyalty data that's always up-to-date in a visually pleasing way. Marketers who are struggling to integrate their recent-time loyalty data within email can leverage the SessionM + Movable Ink solution to solve for this challenge. It's easier than ever to visualize customer snapshots and loyalty journeys in email such as membership level, redeemable rewards and activity history. Engaging with your most loyal audience and the customers who matter most help maximize customer lifetime value.

Key Features

  • Visualize recent-time loyalty data in email such as tiered rewards, exclusive individual offers, and promo codes.
  • Execute omnichannel loyalty with targeted offers by sending promo campaigns directly to customers’ smartphones, within your mobile app, or in email.
  • Provide incentives and rewards to guide specific behaviors with action-based promotions that map to customer behavior.
  1. Loyalty
  2. Retail
  3. Travel

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