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Deliver next-best-actions and recommendations unique to every customer. Movable Ink converts customer data into intelligent, hyper-personalized email content – in real-time, as the message is opened. Pega’s Customer Decision Hub provides the Next-Best-Action intelligence used for that personalization, transforming email into a dynamic customer experience. The moment an email is opened, Movable Ink calls the Pega API which returns 1:1, personalized, next-best-action and next-best-treatment recommendations – all in under 100ms. Movable Ink serves up the recommendations in email and transforms these into actionable and visually engaging content, helping marketers eliminate disjointed experiences and optimize every customer interaction for both experience and business value.

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Power innovative and engaging loyalty programs by integrating real-time loyalty information into personalized data visualizations in email. Our joint solution creates the ability to generate engaging digital experiences that encourage members to earn more points, move to the next rewards tier, redeem their points for exclusive perks, and ultimatley forge a stronger connection with your brand. The ability for brands to leverage the unique data that they collect from their loyalty programs within email marketing communications has proved widely successful for some of the industry’s most forward thinking brands.

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