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Together, Qubit and Movable Ink tap into the power of customer data, enabling marketers to drive revenue through highly relevant and personalised email marketing campaigns. __Product Badging__ - This integration allows marketers to draw on the power of social proofing to drive sales, by showcasing how many users are viewing and buying products. __Product Recommendations__ - This integration allows marketers to use the power of Qubit's CommerceAI to serve highly relevant product recommendations that are tailored to customers at the moment of inbox arrival.


Make the most out of every session on your site by drawing shoppers back in with dynamic email marketing campaigns that drive up CTR by 7X. Leverage Syte’s visual AI and hyper-personalization technologies to recommend the perfect products for each shopper with content that refreshes to reflect changes in price, stock availability, shopper preferences, and more. Boost AOV by making it simple for shoppers to find any product within an image and prioritize products according to any criteria you set, from price range to trending items.

Partner Solutions

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Tap into behavioral data and built-out audiences and transform them into meaningful marketing campaigns. Segment enables brands to build a unified customer profile by being the single point of data collection across the company's website and mobile applications. Movable Ink integrates with Segment in two ways: Segment for Movable Ink Stories - Brands can combine Segment's mobile and web behavioral data with Movable Ink's behavioral targeting (Stories) to serve up emails with recent-time personalized recommendations such as recently browsed products or abandoned cart items. Segment passes a subset of compatible behavioral events via webhook to Movable Ink which are used at the moment after inbox delivery to create 1:1 visual experiences for the customer. Segment Personas - Personas is considered the brain that sits on top of Segment data, optimized by Movable Ink's flexible approach to data activated content in your marketing campaigns. Our integration allows marketers to make behavioral event data meaningful and actionable by exporting computed customer traits and audiences from the Segment Profile API to Movable Ink. Event data such as last page viewed or audiences like big spenders are used to better tailor Movable Ink content for each individual. Infinite content variations can be created based on any number of predefined traits and can be plugged into reusable modules, ensuring customers always have the most up-to-date and relevant messages.