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Featured Mobile Partner Solutions


Create a seamless path from email to in-app content by incorporating Branch's deep linking capabilities. Our joint solution allows marketers to automatically convert their email links into multi-platform deep links that take users directly to content in the app on mobile devices, while still maintaining the same web experience for desktop and mobile users without the app.


Engage mobile app customers in the email channel by generating intelligent creative based on each customer’s mobile app data. By simply tapping into the Localytics Profile API from the Movable Ink platform, marketers can target and generate email content based on real-time in-app behaviors to serve a more consistent and personalized experience to some of their most engaged customers. Easily craft customized customer experiences in a fraction of the time by creating one campaign with many creative options that respond to your customer's preferences in real-time, rather than creating a different campaign for each user segment, using fixed images based on historical data.

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